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Technical Assistance & Referrals

When you become part of the GrowOLATHE program, the GrowOLATHE team first analyzes your current business operations, discusses areas in which it may assist, and then provides data & reports that can potentially help your business’s growth. 

Beyond providing information, the GrowOLATHE team also strives to assist your business by giving an outside perspective on potential issues & opportunities that may not be readily observable.

The goal of GrowOLATHE is to provide Olathe firms with information & services that are typically prohibitive due to cost or time involved. 

GrowOLATHE hopes to keep Olathe firms focused on their core business while our team assists in the background by providing services such as the following:

  • Core Strategy Review
    GrowOLATHE can conduct a business strategy review & provide recommendations related to competitive threats, niche market approaches, and roll-out phasing.

  • Geographical Information Systems
    GrowOLATHE can provide geomarketing services and spatial intelligence solutions to help the business better understand current market conditions, customers, & its competitive environment.

  • Internet Marketing Strategy
    Through search engine optimization (SEO) & social media utilization (SMU), GrowOLATHE can examine a business’s online presence to help place them in front of more customers.

  • Business Intelligence Solutions
    GrowOLATHE can provide market research and competitive intelligence such as lists of potential customers & competitors to help increase sales activity, strengthen internal management, & help locate prospective new hires.

  • Referrals
    GrowOLATHE can provide introductions to assist in securing customers, contracts, & debt/equity.