Team Relay

Get your team together and register for the Garmin Marathon Team Relay! The relay is a fun way to get your friends together and run various distances along our full marathon route (26.2 miles).

You must have a minimum of 3 teammates and can have a maximum of 5.

There are 5 leg distances for your team and depending on the size of your team; some teammates may be running multiple legs.

Registration Fees

Through September 22 - $180

Through December 8 - $200

Through March 9 - $220

Through April 6 - $240

Through April 22 and Packet Pickup - $260


Relay Leg Distances (approximates)

Leg one: 6.9 miles

Leg two: 3.1 miles

Leg three: 5.6 miles

Leg four: 6.2 miles

Leg five: 4.4 miles

Course Map

Garmin Marathon Course Map.
Click the image to view or print a larger version of the map.

How Transportation Works:

Team Relay assigned transportation buses to the exchange points are optional but highly encouraged as city streets will be closed and difficult to maneuver around in to get to your spot.

On race day, April 26, your team will meet at the start line to get onto your transportation buses. Each bus will be marked for each exchange point; your teammates will get onto the bus that is assigned to by your team captain. As the participant running the leg before you enters your exchange point, the bus that dropped you off will then take the previous runner back to the finish line to the festival area.

  • All buses will be leaving NO LATER than 6:40 AM to ensure the buses get to their exchange points before the race starts.
  • All buses will be stationed on the west side of Ridgeview by Olathe South High School.

Finish Line Procedures

It is encouraged for you to meet up with the final runner on your team about 2 to 3 blocks from the finish line so you are all able to cross the finish line together. DO NOT cross the finish line until all team participants are present, including your final runner.


Medals will be given to each participant at the end of their legs.