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Olathe has a wide variety of restaurants offering amazing dining experiences and delicious food.


Wanting to dine out tonight? Olathe has a wide variety of restaurants, whatever you like to eat, we've got it all.


Legendary barbecue. Celebrated steaks. Progressive American cuisine. Southern Italian fare. Chinese. Thai. Indian. Seafood. Greek food. Mexican food. American bar food.

Whatever your palate craves—you can find it in Olathe.
Olathe is home to local and national chains, such as Red Lobster, Texas Roadhouse, Joe’s Crab Shack, and Kansas City’s own Houlihan’s, whose bar and grill serves from-scratch food in 21 states.

And in less than half an hour, you can take a seat in front of one of Kansas City’s eclectic menus. Nosh on burnt ends and briskets from more than 100 barbecue joints. Cut into a juicy Kansas City strip. Or enjoy the culinary imagination of our three James Beard Award-winning chefs.

Your taste buds will thank you.

We are proud to be your number restaurant guide in Olathe. If you know of an Olathe restaurant that we have missed, would like your information added to this resource list, or have a menu you would like to add to your listing, please let us know.