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Dyce Bonham
Community Leader/
Retired Businessman

Some time ago I was rifling through some old newspapers when a headline caught my attention: "Chamber Benefits Business Community." I had just returned from a Chamber meeting where the topics of discussion included the betterment of our schools, the advocacy of a "green" environment, and the large number of jobs being created by two new employers.

These issues were touted for their economic values, but their community value cannot be ignored. Enhanced business activity leads to increased sales tax revenue that in turn is translated into better schools, parks, playgrounds, streets, and public safety, to name a few.

The old adage that "a rising tide lifts all ships" is certainly true in this case. Olathe's growth is directly attributable to the Chamber's efforts. The Chamber stands for what is best for the entire Olathe community. Support your Chamber!

Michelle Gressel
Artist, Speaker, Arranger at The Torn Edge

Relationships are an essential building block for a successful business—the key to capturing great business and hiring fantastic employees. Several years back, I was going through a life transition and found myself at a crossroads with my career. Through my association with the Olathe Chamber of Commerce, I found my current position and have been blessed in so many ways, not only professionally, but personally. I have nothing but gratitude toward the Chamber for the opportunities given to me and my family.

My great uncle R.R. Osborne stood out in the Olathe community as a philanthropist. I am proud of my family’s heritage in Olathe and wanted to build on that tradition of giving back. When I decided it was time for me to be engaged in the community, I knew I needed to contribute to an effort that made a real difference. I wanted to take some of the leadership and relationship building tools that my great uncle taught me and bless other people.

Being a part of an organization like the Chamber that has had an impact on many facets of people’s lives is so very important to me. The Chamber offers endless opportunities to impact the community and help meet needs. There is a family feeling among members, who band together to help those who need a special hand.

Char MacCallum
Char MacCallum Real Estate Group

The Olathe Chamber of Commerce is a vital part of my business success. The Chamber offers crucial tools for my business: government advocacy, economic development for sustainable growth in Olathe, leadership training, and information about business practices. These are the building blocks of my real estate company that help me provide better information and advice to my clients.

The Chamber is also a good resource for all those people and companies who want information about our community. The Chamber is at the core of Olathe’s success— the entity that brings both business and citizens together to make our community strong for future generations.

Herman Baptiste
Agency West Insurance, LLC

The Olathe Chamber of Commerce has given me more than the opportunity to network and grow my business. It has also -- through participation in Leadership Olathe, serving on various committees and the Board of Directors -- made me a better leader, mentor and champion for my company and community. The relationships I've fostered through my involvement in the Olathe Chamber have been priceless.

Ron Ryckman
Olathe City Councilmember

Only through partnerships can a community thrive, and without a doubt, Olathe is thriving. Clearly, our excellent schools contribute to a quality of life second-to-none, but as important, is a phenomenal chamber of commerce that continually delivers. Through the chamber’s efforts, millions and millions of dollars are being invested in our community not only creating jobs, but creating the financial foundation that makes everything else possible. It’s this dynamic and the Olathe Chamber of Commerce that sets Olathe apart. We are the envy of the nation due to our economic growth, and the Olathe Chamber has made it possible.

I’ve been proud to serve on the Chamber Board of Directors. I’ve made lifelong friends, and I’ve made business contacts that have been absolutely critical.

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