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  • The Kansas State Youth Soccer Association, Inc. was officially recognized by US Youth Soccer/USSF in 1981 as the sanctioned youth soccer organization for the state of Kansas. The purpose of this association is to promote, foster and perpetuate the game of soccer in the entire state of Kansas. Kansas Youth Soccer is a not-for-profit. Invitational tournaments are held all over the U.S. and internationally that are open to affiliated teams. There are tournaments available for recreational, intermediate, and competitive teams. Kansas Youth Soccer sanctioned tournaments include the Kansas State Cup (competitive) as part of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series, the Toyota Cup (classic) and the Kohl's American Cup (recreational). More Information go to


  • The Kansas Rush Soccer Club is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization formed to promote the development of youth soccer in the Olathe area. Our goal, each season, is to provide each player with an enjoyable soccer experience through participation, skill development and team camaraderie. Kansas Rush philosophy is to offer the youth of Olathe the opportunity to participate in an organized soccer program without regard to their skill level. To stress the participation, enjoyment, sportsmanship, skill development, safety, and teamwork aspects of the game of soccer, rather than being a "win at all costs" program. To form recreational teams using a "neighborhood" concept following the boundaries of the Olathe School District's elementary schools as closely as possible. For more information go to


  • Heartland Soccer Association is a nonprofit and educational youth soccer association   Heartland represents approximately 600 teams, (11,000 youth players), 2,000 coaches, and 300 referees per season in Johnson County, KS. For more information go to


Olathe Girls Softball Association. 


  • The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics strengthens its commitment to student-athletes and strives to enrich their college experience by supporting academic achievement and character development. The NAIA approaches sport and activity as an opportunity to intentionally teach beyond the fundamentals through the philosophy of the NAIA Champions of Character program. By applying the five core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, servant leadership and sportsmanship the NAIA has the ability to maximize talent to the benefit of each individual. The association provides exclusive opportunities for over 45,000 young men and women to achieve academically while competing for the love of the game. NAIA member institutions award millions of dollars through athletic aid to eligible student-athletes and create an environment where competitive athletics, academic excellence and Champions of Character walk hand in hand. 


  • MNU athletics are focused on holistic health, physical activity, spiritual, and intellectual advancement. Student-athletes strengthen their skills in teamwork, discipline, focus, and positive thinking, while maintaining outstanding grades and keeping faith first in their lives. Coaches serve as mentors in students' personal lives, challenging them to grow spiritually while they grow as athletes. MNU offers football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, and soccer for the viewing pleasure of the community. For more information go to


  • OYB is dedicated to all youth ages 6-18 who want to participate in the game of baseball in Olathe. OYB wants to enable youth to compete both recreationally and competitively - stressing fundamental player development. Leagues and tournaments are played throughout the summer season and more information can be found at